Cleaning Without The Chemical Worry

IMG_8946How many times have you cleaned the counter, the shower, the bathtub or anything else that a small child’s delicate skin is going to touch? Or squirted hand sanitizer on your hands only to have your skin dry out and peel? I would guess daily or weekly. If you are anything like me, you not only wipe everything down, but you then think, “what kind of chemicals are in this stuff??” Now don’t get me wrong, we all want products that disinfect but do they really need to have ALL of those unsafe chemicals? The answer is NO!

Thieves is a Young Living blend made after extensive research on robbers in France during the plague. History reveals that the thieves would lather themselves in things like Rosemary, Cloves and other Essential Oils in order to remain healthy and ward off the plague, prior to robbing the sick. I am so thankful for this blend and its immune boosting, antiseptic benefits for our family but feel terrible for those poor people getting robbed as they had fallen ill. Maybe the robbers should have shared their Essential Oil blend secret! I’ll be posting more about this individual oil blend and its health benefits but back to the cleaning line…….

The Thieves cleaning blend not only smells like Christmas (seriously!) but cleans better than anything I have every used. I use a ton of hairspray…DAILY….causing a nasty gunky film on my tile floor. Sadly, you could actually see a division on the tile floor of  where the hairspray was landing and where it wasn’t. Yes, I know..I’m working on my own hairspray use, but in the mean time I need a cleaner.

I have used many products on the tile from sprays, to chemicals wipes, to gels, to bead scrubbing products and nothing seemed to work unless I ended up with elbow pain and peeling fingers. The first time I decided to use the Thieves cleaner I went straight to that gunky bathroom floor. If it didn’t work there I wasn’t sure if I was “all in”-just being honest, I was tired of gunk. I took one swipe with my homemade wipes, soaked in the cleaner and water and guess what? You could see my hand print and the swipe I made!!! Hair spray gunk GONE! Not just half gone but completely gone…tile shining and all.

Another perk of this wonderful Christmas smelling miracle cleaner is the dilution ratio. You only need a cap full or less (30:1), therefore the bottle will last forever!!!  If you spend anywhere as much as I DID on cleaning wipes, trust me this is a huge plus! And the bottle is biodegradable!

If you have any questions or would like to try the Thieves cleaning line please email me and I’d be happy to help you get started!

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