Essential Oil Make and Take Event

When starting with essential oils I really had no knowledge. No go to…lets talk about this or that…all I had was “wow this works!” That “wow” was the spark that lit a fire inside my heart.

Do you ever feel as though you need more money? I’m guessing for most of us the answer is yes…..however I feel in my heart that if I had more money I wouldn’t spend it on things for myself or my family, as I would have prior to this journey. I feel now I would share the gift of essential oils with people at no cost to them. That is the passion and awe I have for their ability to changes lives.

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Over the past few weeks I’ve read every oil book I could get my hands on and then some. I’ve learned so much but realize there is still an abundant amount yet to go. I wanted to share my passion and new love with everyone I could and so I decided to stick a toe in the water and have a Make and Take Class. What an awesome adventure. I prepped for days! Reading, making, sampling, reviewing possible questions and better understanding each oil. One night as I was stressing over who was coming, who wasn’t, how I should “run” the party I realized I had stepped out of my passion and into something else. At that moment I took a deep breath and said to myself, I just need to speak from my heart and the rest will fall into place. I know in my heart I am on this path for our family and I could only hope and pray that others would see that.



So the idea of the Make and Take was to create three healthy home products to use with Young Living Essential Oils. All of the oils we used were from the Premium Starter Kit, minus the Grapefruit and Orange, for the water flavoring. But lets be honest….the lemon is by far my favorite anyway and it is in the kit!


Double Chocolate Peppermint Brownies!!


The party was a great success. Lots of laughing, meaningful conversation and testimonies. We even had a few tears over the oils working before our eyes. I can’t tell you how much I tear up even writing this now because the relief that someone received from the oils. How amazing is it to help someone move without pain unlike they have in years? I’ll tell you there are not words but only heart felt raw emotions….. awe, joy and peace.

Everyone loved the bug spray! And who wouldn’t?? The smell is amazing and completely chemical free!


Lemon sugar scrub….enough said….I told you, lemon is my favorite!


Take home for anyone who signed up and purchased a Premium Starter Kit!


If anyone is looking for any ideas, these were simple and really great to do as a first time go around. I think next time I’ll step out and have a themed party! Watch for that in the fall!!!


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