Essential Oils

I became a member with Young Living in 2014 after an amazing experience I had helping my daughter. I was at a complete loss one morning, having been up all night with a toddler who wouldn’t sleep. Before breaking I sent a text to a friend, who I remembered had mention using Essential Oils on her son. It was a total long shot but I needed a friend and a solution. Thank goodness for good friends. I remember explaining the situation and I knew she had to have heard the exasperation through my text because she immediately told me it would be okay.

LavenderShe told me to try putting Chamomile on my daughter’s feet before she went to bed and see if that would help. I would have tried anything at that point…trust me…ANYTHING! I knew I had some Chamomile scented lotion somewhere…that should work. Wrong…empty bottle…and I was back to square one. After a few hours of researching I decided to buy some Lavender instead.  Lavender is one of the safest oils for children. It can be used for a multitude of things but we will go into that in a later post. So after receiving the Lavender, I was determined to get a good night’s sleep. Lavender for everyone! After bath time, I dropped a few drops on my palm rubbed them on my toddler’s feet and to bed we went. After a few minutes of “patting” and book time I could see this calmness come over my sweet screamer. She snuggled into the covers and I snuck out. Did that really just happen? Did I really walk out without a screaming match? I thought the true test would be the night. The darkness came…and then the light. The light of DAY!!! No wake up! No screaming in the middle of the night! This couldn’t be real. Total fluke I thought. Night after night we repeated this routine…..and night after night I kept saying there was no way. We are now a few months into this and I can say I have something unbelievable…Essential Oils. Our entire family benefits from them in a multitude of ways today. Listed below are just a few things we use them for on a daily basis.

Cuts, scrapes, bruises and of course Booboo’s
Water additives (LOVE lemon)
Sore aching muscles (way too much weight on those dead lifts)
Energy boost
Depression/anxiety/blah moods/lack of sleep
Purifying the air in the house
Helping with sleep/relaxation
Cleaning/Germ fighting
Immunity boosting/illness relief

**** Almost all of these can be done with the Premium Starter Kit from Young Living! One single purchase and your family can be on its way to a healthier, happier life! In my upcoming blogs I will be breaking down each Essential Oil in the Young Living Premium Starter Kit to tell you the uses of each on and how we use them in our home.


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