Weekend Fun!

Oola Family…one of the 7 Oola F’s…Love, Lead, Commit. Whether it’s single, blended, randomly clumped together or specifically put together, we are all blessed to have our unique families. My immediate family consists of 7 parents, 9 siblings and 12 kids/nieces/nephews. We are rather blended, to say the least, all equipped with our own personal beliefs and differences. However, we are all held together by the 12 growing faces of our families future.

This past weekend we spent time at my Mom and Step-dads house for a great family gathering. Having kids everywhere, food-a-plenty, drinks flowing and the sun shining equaled perfection all in one day!

IMG_9267 IMG_9268 IMG_9255









Slip and Slide madness!




Great food!
















Quick rest in between the craziness



Three Generations of Love


I love this picture….it captures my loud, sweet, independent, happy baby girl! This has been her classic “face” since birth!IMG_9340

….A rough game is worthy of a great juice

 Post Slip and Slide yard…….well worth the damage to hear the belly laughs!!IMG_9306













Days like these remind me of when I was little, swinging on the porch with my Maw-Maw at the farm, watching everyone out in the yard. The days seemed endless. There was nothing in the world that mattered besides having fun in the hot summer sun with my cousins. I miss those days with my family but then I realize….today is that day for my children….that endless summer family fun day!

Much Love,




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