The 24 Day Challenge

Starting the New Year off right, I decided to embark on a journey of health and wellness. I was using my oils regularly but wanted to try to move into a more vitamin oriented avenue. One of my friends was starting another challenge and wanted me to join with her. I felt my heart wasn’t there. I looked into the portions and colored container regimen. I liked the workouts that went along with it but not the meal plans. I wanted something more….

After a lot of research I made the choice to go with Advocare, a company based on nutrition and “Building Champions.” I purchased my kit, blindly through a distributor in my area, and I was excited! I seriously love challenges and was determined to make this one an incredible journey!

Excitement turned into panic once my Advocare box arrived.

I ordered my kit wrong. I had no direction and at this point, upon arrival of my box of wonders, had not a clue where to begin. I’m not sure if I called him or he called me first but I soon found that the blind distributor decision I made, was about to become the answer to my panic.

Hilary and Graham Morgan=Awesomeness. I chose them because of their picture….honestly….I did the research on the products and just needed a distributor. They were young, cute and active….just like me, right? I was actually bouncing between them and another lady I had met at work. There’s a small portion of you when going through this process that stops to think….I’ll be connected to these people…better make a good choice. As fate would have it, and multiple windows open for research on my computer, I was led to Hilary and Graham. I seriously think my computer had my best interest at heart-the kit was from another¬†page but my distributors were the Morgans……All things happen for a reason.

In the beginning I think I might have convinced Graham I was crazy……

So what if I get pregnant. I mean we haven’t decided but I bought this not thinking about stopping it mid-way through excellence! I don’t want to become a power house then have to stop every supplement. Is that selfish? I don’t want to hurt the baby I MAY or MAY NOT have, just because of my new vitamins.

After much discussion my new found excitement and love for Advocare grew. I didn’t have to stop my entire regimen because of pregnancy. I wasn’t going to have explosive diarrhea or die from the fiber drink. I could actually eat real food and not just the shakes! I was going to walk hand in hand with Hilary, Graham and Advocare to make the healthiest me.

So 24 Day Challenge results. I wasn’t looking to lose weight. I just wanted to be healthier….even though I wasn’t exactly sure what that meant. However I do know, most success stories are about weight loss, right? ” I lost 30 lbs in 3 months taking xyz!”

I didn’t have that story and to this day still don’t. I do however feel a million times better about myself and the way my body looks. I’ve lost inches and pounds yes, but how I feel isn’t measurable.¬†I lift heavier than I ever have, I have abs I haven’t seen since having my daughter. I can run further and stronger than when I was doing my Tris. And above all my clothes fit! Yes ladies….the scale hasn’t moved 30 lbs but guess what??? Those jeans….THEY FIT!!!

The second 24 Day Challenge was better than the first. I’ll be honest…the first time…I didn’t follow the food guidelines. I ate what I always had but I did follow the 24 day schedule for everything else. The second time I vowed to do it all. Carb here, protein there, meal prepping…..and guess what. MORE results! I think my husband was getting tired of me saying over and over, ” I think each day I’m getting stronger and leaner!” To this day I hold true to this. There isn’t a day I wake up and feel the lack of energy I had before or the extra walls around me when exercising. It’s a new mindset and new me.

Not every product is for everyone, just like not every shirt fits everyone. You have to find what works for you to become you…..the strong, healthy you! If that’s just a little Spark in the am that’s fine. If its full out meal replacement shakes, 02, post workout recovery, Spark, MNS and Catalyst that’s okay too! One thing I’ve learned through Hilary, Graham and Advocare……this journey is all about your health and wellness. It’s empowering you to be a CHAMPION!

My question to you is, what does that Champion look like for you????

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