Young Living Explained

I’ve always been one who enjoys experiencing the amazing scents and beauty that comes from nature; whether that’s hiking through a pine filled forest, or driving through the countryside catching the summer breeze carrying the smell of fresh flowers. Many scents like these are so pleasantly soothing they actually offer a natural therapeutic feeling over our bodies. Essential oils harness this kind of power from nature through a process of all natural plant extracts. However, essential oils offer more than just a rich aroma experience, they also provide natural wellness solutions for Home, Health, Balance, and Beauty.


Just as I have, I welcome you to explore Essential Oils, and experience wellness solutions that fit the needs for you and your family. Perhaps you’re seeking an alternative to harmful chemical based products, or maybe you heard about Essential Oils from a friend and you want to learn more. Wherever you are in the discovery, I want to be a resource for you. Through my blog I’ll be sharing many of my experiences with Essential Oils, providing you information about these products, and offering an invitation to join our family as your connection to Young Living.

I chose Young Living for a multitude of reasons including their Seed to Seal promise. Young Living owns all of their farms, picks their own weeds, tests every oil in their labs and finalizes every product in their facilities. If you are on vacation and want to get your hands dirty, they welcome their members to help in the process! All of this is done so you can rest assured you have nothing but the best therapeutic grade essential oils arriving on your doorstep for you and your family.

For additional information click here to view the Seed to Seal Promise. Navigate through the page and enjoy the real reason Young Living is changing lives.